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Based on MAd MaX, featuring an unforgiving landscape of scorched hostile terrain. Survival in the toughest server in Wasteland.


  • History. The map only shows some land marks. You will need to explore for Traders.

  • Dynamic Content. The server generates random locations each restart.

  • Extreme Environment. Expect dust devils, earthquakes, fires, dust-storms, lightning, gusts and heat haze.

  • Radiation. The danger of radiation surrounds the area.

  • Territories. Capture key locations to earn cash for your team. Use the proceeds to fund your factions dominance in the wastes.

  • Building. Create the ultimate stronghold for the apocalypse.

  • Selected Vehicles. You will mostly find civil vehicles, which will require fuel in order to continue to work. There are some military vehicles around the map.

  • Veteran AI. They are well trained and well equipped. They have bases in the RAD Zone. There's also various convoys across the wastes.