As the world succumbs to a virus society begins to break down. With your supplies running low you're forced to venture out to survive. Inspired by recent events...


  • No traders. You are on your own to survive with whatever you can find.

  • No Side-Chat. Use Task Force Radio for in-game voice chat.

  • Orienteering. The map waypoint marker has been disabled. 

  • Famine. You will have to loot or fight survivors for supplies.

  • Extreme Environment. Expect prolonged periods of torrential rain, storms, high winds, hazardous ground fog and freezing temperatures.

  • Survivor Ai. They are roaming the landscapes in search of supplies. Some are friendly, most are not.

  • Military Vehicles. Air-dropped vehicles can be found scattered upon the mountains. But these areas are extemely cold and subject to blinding blizzards.

  • Poison. Hospitals have been hit with a deadly toxin. Gas masks are required to access unharmed.

  • Radiation. To gain access to the military airfield, which is heavily radiated, you'll need CBRN clothing.

  • Ammunition. LMGs and sniper rifles can be found at helicopter wrecks.

  • Special FX. The server has an array of effects. This includes filters, fires, sounds and gore.

  • 1st Person Combat. The server will force the 1st person view during certain situations. These include combat, travelling and using specific gear items.

  • Pandemic Additions. The landscape has been heavily modified to simulate an apocalyptic pandemic.