25 years after the fall of civilization, the world is a very different place. But you'd be a fool to think you're alone...


  • Trader Zones. You start in a trader safe-zone, before venturing out into the new world.

  • No Side-Chat. Use Discord for communications.

  • Orienteering. The map waypoint marker has been disabled. 

  • Famine. You will have to loot or fight survivors for supplies.

  • Extreme Environment. Expect prolonged periods of torrential rain, storms, high winds and hazardous ground fog.

  • Survivor Ai. They are roaming the landscapes in search of supplies. Some are friendly, most are not.

  • Military Vehicles. Air drops can be found within the radiation zones.

  • Forsaken. The landscape has been almost completely over-grown by nature.

  • Radiation. Esseker has become a safe haven from radiation, which now surrounds the area.

  • Hunters. You will become a target for any of the factions within Esseker. Some are friendly, some are certainly not.

  • Special FX. The server has an array of effects. This includes filters, fires, sounds and gore.

  • 1st Person Combat. The server will force the 1st person view during certain situations. These include combat, travelling and using specific gear items.

  • Dynamic Interiors. The server populates buildings with random items.