Featuring an unforgiving deserted  landscape of scorched hostile terrain and abandoned roads. Survival, in the most explosive server in Wasteland.


  • History. The map has been completely redesigned to look ruined.

  • Dynamic Content. The server randomly generates locations each restart.

  • Extreme Environment. Expect dust devils, god rays, fires, dust-storms, lightning, gusts and heat haze.

  • Radiation. The danger of radiation surrounds the area.

  • Territories. Capture key locations to earn cash for your team. Use the proceeds to fund your factions dominance in the wasteland.

  • Building. Create the ultimate stronghold for the apocalypse.

  • Selected Vehicles. You will mostly find civilian vehicles. Sturdier vehicles can be purchased.

  • Faction Ai. Each holding an area of the map, they will treat you accordingly. Watch out for convoys and hostile patrols on the open roads.




You will need a copy of Arma 3 installed. Use the link below to obtain your copy.


You will need a collection of mods installed. Use the link below to download the files.

Steam Collection


Search for FINALdayZ A3WasTeLanD in the Arma 3 server browser.